Friday, July 31, 2009

Look Into My Eyes...

and give me a cookie! :p My friend Leslie has generously allowed me to use her photo of her dog Deuce :) Please go have a look at her Flickr page, there are so many gorgeous photos to look at there.

This is done on the Fisher paper that Chrissy sent me to try. I wanted a simple subject but one that would still require blending to see how the paper works with the pencils. So here is the first layer of pencil down. It went down really scratchy and patchy, not fully covering the area.

But then the second layer went on and I had no problem with the area being covered. I guess it needed a base layer to help with the blending and to help the pencil stick to the paper? At this stage the two layers look really rough and are not blended that well into each other. They did layer just not very evenly.

I took a few different shades of brown and yellow to help round out the eye itself. With each layer the pencil blended together easier and easier. Light colours at this point have no problem going over the dark layers as long as they were not put down with hard pressure.

Took a black and dark blue to the outline of the eye and the pupil. In some places it did bleed into the yellow but luckily in the places where I wanted it to. Getting harder to get light colours over dark ones. I think after about 6 layers I was starting to have that problem.

The right eye still needs work and needs to be shaped a little but that will not be hard since he is a black dog. Not going to use just black on him as that will just make this look really flat. Lots of blues, greys and purples to try to get a shine to his coat.

Hopefully finish this tomorrow :)


leslie said...

Those eyes look so familiar...why do I have the urge to go into the pantry to get a dog biscuit?? :)

Jennifer Rose said...

has he figured out how to open the pantry yet? lol ;p