Friday, August 28, 2009

Check Mate

52/365 28.08.09
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hmmm who's smarter? the cow or Mr.F? ;p I can't play chess, many people have tried to teach me, but while I understand the rules, I still can't play lol

I love looking at nice chess sets, some of them are works of art that I would be afraid to play in case they got broken. So while I can appreciate the design that goes into the look of some of the pieces, I don't think I will ever be a fan of the game.

So my time table for college has me there everyday of the week but Monday, which is fine by me. Gives me a day to sleep in :p I don't know how much art from college I will be posting here as I don't know if and when I can bring it home (and I really would hate for something to get wrecked on the bus), but I will try to post some of what I draw.

Which does mean that there will be nekkid people on the blog once we start life drawing class. oh noes!! nekkid people run away! ;p

I really cannot draw people. Well I can, but not very well :p So that should be interesting lol So some people might get offended by the art, but on the other hand I draw people so badly you probably won't be able to tell its a person and it very well could look more like an alien from a sci-fi movie :p


Mr Fuzzy said...

I think I'm going be roped into being the practice life model. :-S
Seriously though, I don't mind, saves money and helps Mrs.F with her art :-)
Thankfully isn't winter yet :-)

Laura Barber-Riley said...

I can't play chess either, my husbands attempts at teaching me end in us both getting really fed up with each other lol! I share your issues with drawing people too! Good luck with it, I should prbably do the same...

Vic said...

Good luck with the college, I really hope it goes well for you. Life classes are great, but like you I had trouble drawing the nekkid form, but it is such good practice. Methinks M F will make a super model for you to use !

Leslie Hawes said...

If you can't bring work home, take your camera and take pics to post to the blog!
And we want to see a pic of Mr. Fuzzy the Pirate posing for we?
Adorable chess pic, BTW :)

kaslkaos said...

I can't wait to see you nekked people! It'll be fun to see you debating on what to post or not post.
& again, congrats on getting in to college.

Mr Fuzzy said...

- Leslie - just have to wait and see if she risks posting her sketches or not.
I told her she should run a poll LOL...maybe not such a good idea though from me....

Jennifer Rose said...

Laura- I'm going to try to play chess again, hopefully we don't end up in a shouting match :p

Vic- thanks :) they do say practice makes perfect, but who are they? ;p

Leslie- can't bring a camera to the class, against the rules due to there being life models so hopefully I can bring some of it home instead. I'm going to have to get him a pirate hat now :p

Ingrid- I could always post everything and then post fig leaves over areas if people complain lol but it is an art blog so people should be all right seeing it :) and thanks :D hopefully I can make it through the year

Mr Fuzzy said... modelling wearing only a pirate theres a scary idea :P

Michelle Eaton said...

I can't play chess either. Though I have only ever tried once. My partner likes it though but doesn't play much.

I also love the look of some of the boards they make. Some are so beautiful and I wish I could buy them just to display.