Thursday, August 27, 2009

creative space august 27,2009

51/365 27.08.09
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Todays creative space had me up at 6:20, on the bus at 8 and then at college for 9. I need a nap :p

So my timetable on the left and a horse on the right. Not much done on the horse since the last photo of it. Looks odd as a one legged horse at the moment :p Lots of muscles still left to put in that one leg.

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and now off to be lazy :p (ok maybe work more on the horse too)


CurlyPops said...

Eeeek 6.20 AM - no wonder you need a nap!
How exciting to be back at college.

Florence's Art said...

I just love your fuzzy dragon. You asked where in Scotland we were thinking of moving? My daughter wants to go to the Edinburgh school of Drama (or a name something like that) but she wants to live on the outskirts of Edinburgh. She is always looking up information on places to live. Thanks so much for starting the Monthly Sketch Project. I joined yesterday.

Leslie Hawes said...

Busy, busy day!

midge said...

wow, amazing drawing. I so wish i could draw better than a two year old

Shashi Nayagam said...

How was your first induction day?
As time goes by you will get so used to the routine that you will fall asleep in the bus as you get in and wake up at your stop automatically.

Lucy Bowler said...

Your horse is lovely - one legged and all! Good luck juggling everything!!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Enjoy your nap! I hope you have a great college experience!

Tweed Delights said...

That's a really early start - I hope it all went OK :)

Chrissy said...

Hmm, welcome to my world ;)
Hope you are a bit more recovered.......HugsXX

Jennifer Rose said...

Cam- I think I might end up napping in the library there once and awhile and hope I don't snore

Florence- Edinburgh is not cheap. consider living in Perth or Dundee and take the train back and forth. takes about an hour on the train. Its a little cheaper, and student travel is cheap. Accents can be fun! :p Always interesting hearing how words are said. bank accounts can be hard to open due to lack of address/bills. health care is not automatically given, depends on the doctor. but you can buy health insurance, either way register with a doctor and a dentist as soon as possible. dentists can be hard to get on the NHS, private dentists are not cheap easier to get tho. Health insurance through BUPA possibly if you can't get on NHS. Prescriptions on NHS are free for long term conditions, but cheap if not free or you can buy a pre payment certificate that can save money. your daughter would have to apply to school for a place, then once that is confirmed you get a student visa. you would need a different visa unless you are studying too, UK high commission would be the place to find that out, and the school should be really helpful too. Some food that you might be use to there you can't get here, but on the whole you can get most foods. There are take aways everywhere it seems so you won't starve if you like take out :p ASDA is Walmart here, Tescoes and Sainsburys are grocery stores. LIDLs and ALDIs are like um food basics or no frills, cheap food but good food. kraft dinner here smells and taste like sweaty gym socks :p To watch TV you need a TV license, even if you don't have cable or satellite (and most of it is bad :p). I really want to be helpful, so if there is anything specific you have a question about I or Mr.F will try to answer it :)

Leslie- very busy! and that was only a half day

midge- thank you :) just takes practice, keep it up :)

Shashi-the first day was long but I am glad I went since I now have a rough idea of how to get around the college :) the roads are too bumpy to fall asleep on the bus lol

thank you Lucy :)

Michelle- thanks :D didn't get my nap as some little brat was yelling in the hall :/

Alison- it went all right, going to take a few days to get in the habit of getting up that early tho lol

its too early to be up Chrissy! ;) makes me wish I drove so I could sleep an extra hour :p

Kirsty said...

Your horse is looking fabulous already. Hope you managed to fit in a bit of dozing & a bit of drawing too.

Amanda said...

The drawing is amazing even unfinished :)...I hope you caught up on your rest.