Monday, August 03, 2009

Number of injuries so far today: 0

27/365 03.08.09
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but I am not holding my breath :p Might be tempting fate but the 2 of us seem determined to break a leg or our necks. As long as I don't do what I did yesterday I'm fine with a broken arm because honestly I really doubt it would hurt any more :p I whacked my hand, right where my 6th finger was. The cupboard door came falling with force right onto my finger. Now I get some people might be thinking "oh how could that hurt?". That area usually hurts, probably have something to do with extra nerves. But it hurt more because there is a small lump of something (drs have no idea what it is without cutting me open to find out. its not noticeable unless you press on my hand), sitting right where the nerves are and it moves all the time. So it probably wouldn't have hurt as much if that little stupid lump wasn't there, but because it was, it was like having a rock between the door and my hand. Pretty swollen up :/ So enough complaining....

I did have every intention of drawing today but it just seemed to be one of those days where my hand just doesn't want to cooperate with the pencils so after a few hours of trying to draw something, anything, I gave up and got out the sewing machine. Figured it was about time I finished my pencil wrap (which if I make another one I would do a few things differently and I do plan on making more of them).

The 2 strips of elastic that I put close together work well for holding the small pencils. The elastic is tight enough right now that even smaller pencils should stay put for the moment until the elastic loosens up (if it does). I didn't leave the elastic long enough so the wrap is going to be about 2-3 inches shorter then I wanted but that is all right :) So hopefully this will get done tomorrow.

And Mr.F is trying to grow pumpkins again this year. It shouldn't get to triffid size like the squash did, but time will tell :p

And some Sweet Peas in the back. They grew huge in their little pots. Love all the different colours. There are some really nice lilac coloured ones not in this picture, I have to remember to take a picture of them when its not 8 at night :p

*edit*hmm spoke too soon. Hit my head on the corner of the fridge getting my meds. Putting bubble wrap on all the corners in the flat is sounding like a better idea everyday :p


HElen said...

Cool idea for pencils holder!

Please stay out of any injuries!

Enjoying your drawings very much!

Vic said...

All I can say to that Jennifer is owwwww,hope it feels better soon. Your pencil holder is coming along nicely.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh hope you feel better soon. That little lump could be a nodule or a cyst perhaps. I had one in my palm which used to move and press on the nerves so they had to remove it by surgery.

mandapanda said...

My Dad had that in his ankle, which turned out to be bone spurs caused from an accident in which he'd broken a leg! You should stop hurting your furniture! I hope it's ok. Poor cupboard! and fridge! lol

I just caught the gull to see if I could. No one was more surprised than I when it happened...well except perhaps the seagull itself. All the other gulls flew off and once he was let go again, they didn't come back! lol oh well, they'll get their courage back I'm sure. He was so soft and sweet though, I didn't expect that.

Sandy said...

Great idea for holding those pencils. Wow Kerry, watch out for those bumps and stuff. ouch. Enjoyed the post.

Serena said...

Has the lump always been there? Maybe there's a connection with it and the sixth finger? OUCH on the will probably be tender for a week or so.

The pencil holder looks great!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks HElen :) only a few stabs with a needle today but thats normal when I sew lol

Vic- thank you :) feels better today, not as swollen thankfully

Shashi- thanks. yeah its probably a cyst, if not it could be scar tissue but I had a doctor I trust tell me that unless its really really bad he wouldn't recommend it as it could cause more problems having surgery :/ unlike the doctor here who sounded like he was speaking out of his @$$

manda- ouch! o.0 it was all the fridges fault! it started it! :p
he was really pretty looking for a gull :D would have loved to have seen someone catch im in person. not something you see every day :)

Sandy- they are handy for holding the pencils and since the can get rolled up they fit in a lot of places :)

Serena- the lump showed up about um 8 years ago give or take a year. my bet is on scar tissue but its odd that it took almost 17 years to show up and thanks :D

kaslkaos said...

Missed a lot on your blog with my weekend away, but nice to catch up now. Love seeing your garden updates, ours is just coming into blossom this week (those grown from seed) which tells me what a cool summer we've been having. I love the 'overgrown' garden where the flowers weigh the boughs down.
Looking at your 'step by step' wrap, I'm sure that is NOT a project I want to tackle. Great piece of work, though.

Jennifer Rose said...

Ingrid- thanks :D yeah you have had a really cool summer if things are just starting to bloom now 0.o I like the messy look in gardens, hard to believe the messy look still takes work lol