Thursday, October 15, 2009

creative space october 15, 2009

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Creative space for today, colour wheel theory. Not really what I enjoy doing as its really basic stuff that I've done dozens of times. But its mostly done, still can't write so the labelling will have to wait until I get more feeling back in my hands.

Look what Mr.F's mom bought me. The shiny spider web lace/fabric (the black, the orange I've had for awhile now).I love it, just not sure what I am going to do with it. I can see it ending up being one of those fabrics I don't want to cut up as I love the pattern. So more fabric to add to the do not cut pile :p (I will probably use it, just have to make sure its for something good)

And a £10 coat from the charity shop :) has a hood and lots of pockets. The furry piece on the hood comes off which is handy. No idea what the coat was worth new, but not from the cheapest of stores originally.
There is nothing at all wrong with it, so had to have it since I've been looking for a cord coat for awhile.

Off to bed as I am falling asleep on the keyboard. Keys don't make the best of pillows. hmmm that reminds me, I need more pillows. 5 is not nearly enough :p

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Michelle Eaton said...

The faric is nice. I get like that too, where I don't want to start making something in case I ruin it or it doesn't turn out right.

Score with the jacket! Looks nice and warm.

Kirsty said...

I love the look of your colour theory even though you find it boring it looks great.

Teresa Mallen said...

Fabulous fabric! Just place it somewhere you can see it and enjoy it! :-)

Yup, that colour wheel looks like loads of fun...

Toni said...

Hope you are finding today a better day. I was having fun with color yesterday only I was ding it online.
You might find this helpful

Enjoy the new fabric. Go ahead and make something fun with it.

Leslie Hawes said...

I say, just drape that spiderwebby fabric over your shoulder and say boo alot. It will surely attract Mr. Fuzzy's attention. :)

kaslkaos said...

I thought my 4 pillows was bad, and that's the ones in my bed, not counting the warm and cuddly cats, or the pillows all over the house. Can you have too many pillows?
Glad to see your colour wheel.

Jennifer Rose said...

michelle, the jacket is pretty warm :) and just in time since its starting to get cold

thanks Kirsty :)

Teresa- the fabric is in a container under the bed for the moment. but i really want to use it with making a bag, just need to find a bag strap to go with it

toni thanks for the link :)

leslie- o.0 too cold for that :p

ingrid- you can never have too many pillows. use to have 2 body pillows on the bed too lol

Chrissy said...

Great jacket, when Cal and I were on our own, the only way I could afford any clothes was the second hand route. I got really adept at searching out the best charity shops and also used to get loads from the second hand stall in our antique market. You know half the time, I really loved some of that stuff :D