Thursday, October 01, 2009

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Still no feeling back in my hands :( but can sill use a mouse (sort of) and type on a keyboard,just takes a while longer because of me hitting the wrong keys.

So decided to start on business things I've been trying to find time for. Wanted to start up an Artfire shop for awhile now so started that. Still need to make a banner and then I can start listing items.

I've been trying to think of ways to update my site. I want it too look more like the blog, so that will probably be a task for next week.

There is a few more things on the do list, but going to spread those over the weekend. Of course its a never ending list :p

The buzzer went off for the flat after 8 and both of us were like who the....? It was Mr.F's mom bringing candy :) come again sometime lol

I have a horrible sweet tooth, but I figure once and awhile wont hurt. And since I've lost 2 stone since I started loosing weight, I don't feel guilty eating it. Just go for a walk tomorrow and do pilates :) I know no one really wants to read about my weight loss, but I'm proud of it.

I was never skinny so when I dropped down to a size 8/10 (uk) after my gall bladder was taken out , it was an odd feeling. No matter what people say, skinnier people are treated differently then over weight people and until you are in that situation you don't sometimes see it. I'm not losing weight for other people. I have way too many nice pieces of clothing :p Seriously, its for health reasons. I'm sick of limping up stairs, and its just over all a good idea.

Stopped walking so much I guess because I was afraid at first what people would think because sometimes I do look like I've drunk a whole two-four :p Kinda frustrating, but I don't care any more. I do have to watch sometimes I don't yell, "What the f...are you looking at?". That might get me in trouble :p

Well, I went off on a tangent there lol

I am going insane not being able to draw tho :( Hopefully soon my hands will be good enough I can at least hold a pencil for more then 2 minutes with out dropping it.


Paulette said...

Stay strong Jennifer!
I hope your back drawing soon.

sue said...

Hope you get your fingers working again soon xxx
Congrats on your weight loss - I'd love to drop 2 stone but sitting on my b*m drawing all day isn't helping and I'm not motivated enough to give up the wine yet!
A friend with MS drinks a pint of guinness every day as part of her 'medication' - she reckons it helps, but does nothing for the waistline!

Jeanette said...

That's so frustrating for you. I hope your hands get some more feeling in them soon.

Weight loss! Good for you! I need to do that too, just never seem motivated enough to get on the treadmill or stop salty things from reaching my lips.

Linda Fleming said...

Well, damn! That numbness has wore out its welcome and needs to move on already! Take care, Jennifer.

HElen said...

Feel better! Wishing you'll get back to wonderufl drawings soon!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Paulette :)

sue- if I drank even on pint, I'd prob. be on the floor lol :) thanks :D

Jeanette- thank you :) its hard to get motivated or find the time to do any kind of exercise. and giving up salty things can be even harder :)

Linda- yeah it needs to go away faster

helen-thank you :D

Michelle Eaton said...

Sorry to hear about your hands. Stay positive :)

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Michelle :)

Kirsty said...

Hoping that you've got the pencils back in your hands very soon.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Kirsty :)