Friday, October 02, 2009

Front Dash Passenger?

87/365 02.10.09
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Perfect spot for the cow on drives. Just have to move him when the window is down so he doesn't get blown away (cheapo version of Twister?)

So I decided to join BLOGTOBERFEST this year. Make a blog post everyday in October. There are so many people joined up, lots of blogs to look at and some of them are having giveways.

I don't know if I will actually manage to post everyday. Might just end up posting a lot of photos :p Such as today where I really have nothing to post about. Kind of in limbo dealing with my MS, waiting until next week to see what my neurologist says. My MS nurse said he might suggest different drugs, or want another MRI done. Hopefully not the latter. Last time I almost passed out leaping off the MRI table. Got up too fast but I wanted out of the giant magnet.

When Mr.F had an MRI done, he fell asleep :p

Going to try a splint on my hand to see if that helps stabilize the hand. Worth a shot at this point. Getting back even a bit of feeling, enough to draw simple things would be enough for me. And if someone bugs me about it, I can take the metal piece out and chuck it at them ;p (Mr.F says taking the piece out would be a waste of time, just hit them with the  whole splint :p)

We really are not violent people lol we really aren't. I can't hurt a fly (and not just because I have no feeling in my hands :p).

*yes I'm having either a relapse or a flair up (prob the first one), just don't wont to bore people with all of the details. might one day if I can't think of anything to write*


Rose Welty said...

Thinking of ya Jen, I know you hate talking about it, but it is nice to know what's going on. Yeah, MRIs are scary!

Jenaveve said...

Hey Jen, thinking about you and hoping Mr. Nurse has something useful for you.

Nice spot for the cow!!

kaslkaos said...

Hope things go right for you; sometimes you just have to come out and say things. I'm looking at my own fingers and thinking about yours. At least it sounds like you're getting proper healthcare.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I love your sense of humour. I can visualize Cow Twister.... LOL!
And I'm with Mr. F. ;-)

bowerbirdz said...

I hope you get some help for your hands. Earlier this year I had a giant aneurysm in my brain. When it was being fixed I had a stroke, so I have a numb left hand. Thank goodness it wasn't my right hand, and I can still knit and craft.The thought of an MRI makes me cringe.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Rose :) i hate them lol the huge banging sound the magnet makes doesn't help

Jenaveve thank you :)

Ingrid, thanks:) with so many people in Scotland with MS its prob. one of the better places to have it

i wasn't sure if people would get the joke Michelle :)

Bowerbirdz- i read about that on your blog, scary to deal with :( and thankfully yes it wasn't your right hand. MRIs are never fun