Tuesday, October 06, 2009

no we haven't and never will name the car ;p

91/365 06.10.09
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I forgot to post some pictures on Monday and since I've been dealing with dead hands, me taking pictures is almost out of the question. I tried taking some video and its a good thing I had the camera cord wrapped around my hand, because about 5 seconds after me pushing the button to start the camera my hand lost muscle control and all you can see is the room and cow go rushing by at an odd angle as the camera falls, and hear me cursing in the background :p So fancy pictures are out this week.

So have 2 pictures of the car :) Don't think we got a bad deal, and Mr.F's dad said the rust can be painted over and it should help prevent it from getting any worse. Big advantage to Mr.F's dad being a painter (not a house painter :p). Not a lot of rust, don't think that.

And the back and the big boot. Could fit a body in there.....

And heard back from my MS nurse. She had talked to my neurologist and he wants me to have another MRI :/ damn. But this time once I see the results I need to remember to ask if there is a way that I can get a copy of the results. And then of course put it here :p Then  everyone could see that
a: I do have a brain :p
b: the effects of cans of relentless on the mind
c: all the white spots. which are actually a bad thing, but still interesting to look at :)

Set up an ArtFire store today. Can only list so many things, but will rotate prints. I figure it never hurts to have more options. :)

Hopefully art tomorrow. I want to see if I can draw a horse with the pastels. Could possibly end up with something that looks out of a science fiction movie :p


Serena said...

such a shame it won't have a name. lol

hope all goes well with the MRI.

Michelle Eaton said...

Looks like a nice little car.

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear you have having problems with your hands. I know how you love to do your art, so hopefully that will clear up.

Nice car.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks serena :) i understand why people do name their cars, i just couldn't think of a name lol

its a nice little car michelle :) when i first came here i found it odd that a lot of the cars wee smaller, now i think the cars back home are top big lol

thanks Sandy :)