Monday, October 12, 2009

October Project Apples

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So finished the pastel apples without too many rainbow sneezes, but we need kleenex now :p  hmm like the green apple, the red could use work. oh well next time. Ann suggested sanded paper which I luckily have since I ordered some to use with coloured pencils but didn't like the effect. At least the paper will not go to waste, even if there will be even more dust floating around. *must remember to get the jumbo box of tissues :p

Drawn for the Monthly Sketch Project :) Photo for the apples provided by Leslie


Ann said...

Oh I like this very much! Great color choices!

Tweed Delights said...

These are fabulous - I love the colours! :)

Jeanette said...

These are so vibrant! They really stand out. Great stuff!

Leslie Hawes said...

Really like the result!
Can't stop smiling about the name, Rainbow Sneezes.

twincedar said...

Like your background color choice!

HElen said...

Love your drawings, wonderful as always !

Michelle Eaton said...

They look great :) Love the colours.

Chrissy said...

Lovely shine to the apples and nice waxed fruity effect ;)
I had a go at the lake whilst I was away, I must remember to post it up!
Rainbow sneezes!lol

bluelilac said...

Hi there Jennifer the sneezer. I like those brilliant colours in your apples.
I was thinking perhaps if you had a small hand vacuum for the pastel dust perhaps you could solve the nose irritation and prevent the sneezes.

Jenaveve said...

Man, how good is that green apple shine? Love it.

kaslkaos said...

Rainbow sneezes? Ah, you must be using the chalks. Which is why my collection is oil. Love your joicy use of colours. MMM...why does your art always make me hungry????

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks ann and alison :)

thank you Jeanette :)

leslie, i'm going to have to use that for a title now :)

twincedar- thank you :)

thank you helen :)

thanks michelle :)

chrissy- your lake looks great :) thank you :)

bluelilac- jennifer the sneezer, love that :D a little vacuum would come in handy, must find one :)

jenaveve-thank you :)

ingrid- lol, makes me hungry too

kaslkaos said...

Funny thing, after posting this, went hiking; I knocked a late autumn apple off tree and it was the most delicious apple ever-serendipity at work, I guess.