Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thats not a knife, this is a knife...

95/365 10.10.09
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ok so its a kangaroo that Pooh is holding, but they can do damage too :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

More pastel work. This time on black Stonehenge. Love how bright the colours are on this, but after about 3 layers of pastel its really hard to get more on the paper. Which I find really odd since you can get so many layers of coloured pencils on the paper.

Getting better with blending the pastels, and things go really quickly with them. This took less then an hour while I was watching Merlin. Don't really need to concentrate on the story (story, what story? :p) while watching so can still draw :)

Drawn for the Monthly Sketch group. I might get a chance to work on the other picture but that all depends on if I get this and college homework done.


Ann said...

I really like the vibrant colors you are using! I can't imagine you could get much layering of pastel on stonehenge, it's too soft. Get yourself some sanded pastel paper and you'll love what you can do! Of course, there's even more dust with the sanded papers. One of the reasons I don't work with pastels much, breathing too much dust!

Teresa Mallen said...

Gorgeous rich colour - lovely! I would agree with Ann about the sanded pastel paper being a great option (but again, the dust...)

Jennifer Rose said...

ann thanks for the suggestion, I have a bunch of sanded paper sitting unused. had completely forgot about it until you mentioned sanded paper. :) the dust is horrible :/

teresa thank you :) going to try to find a mask and that should help :)

Linda Fleming said...

I think I will avoid trying pastels if it produces a lot of dust. I have enough sinus problems as it is.