Monday, November 02, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

116/365 2.11.09
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But always have time for a cookie :D A gift from Mr.F's parents for our anniversary. Combining 2 of my favorite things, cookies and Halloween.

Need to get a lot of drawing done so why am I still blogging? I'm addicted ;p

Drawing list:
1. ACEO commission
2. skeebie drawing
3 some robin drawings
4 xmas dragons
5. feet and hands for life drawing class (Mr.F's hands and feet. Not drawing my feet with its twisted toes. hmm then again that might make an interesting drawing)
6. try to work on that horse
7. and then if I have time work on my messenger bag
8. finally work on site

I hope to get at least one of these done, more would be nice but since I have an MRI tomorrow, having one completed would be all right with me.

off for a cookie........ok who ate all the cookies?


2paw said...

Very cool biscuit barrel!!! Like you, I always have a list but I rarely complete my tasks.

Serena said...

Great biscuit container! Good luck with your MRI tomorrow.

I gave up writing lists as I was always getting distracted with other things. :(

Jenaveve said...

Hmm...the cookie monster is in town I suspect! Hate it when they all disappear. Rockin' cookie jar!!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Good luck today...

Ann said...

I hope that's a list for the month and not all one day! Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Fuzzy! And I hope all goes well with the test :-)

Teresa Mallen said...

Mr. F's parents must be wonderful people! :-)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hope your MRI went ok.

Jennifer Rose said...

cindy, hardly anything on my list got done :( oh well always the next list to do.

serena- thank you. yeah if only the rest of life wouldn't get in the way of the lists

jenaveve- hmm he must have left sesame street...

michelle- thanks :)

ann- it was supposed to be a list for the week, but things got in the way :/ thanks :D

teresa- they are :D

shashi- thank you :)