Monday, November 23, 2009

On Fire

The horse. Not me thankfully.

I took a short blog break on the weekend to try to get 4 drawings done for expressive drawing. But like most times, life gets in the way so I managed to only get a start on one.

I had never thought to use pastels and then water before. Its an interesting effect that I want to spend more time playing with (just need to find the time). This still needs a lot of work. I'm trying to soak the pastels and then make them run off the page, but I think I might have used the wrong type of watercolour paper to get the effect I want.

So hopefully have this finished soon and then on to the rest (that need to get done by Wednesday :/....)


2paw said...

Make the horse look like it's running off the page..... I am amused by that!! I hate pastels, they just used to get all over everything. Alpha chalks were as bad. Oh and charcoal sketching: the children would look like ninjas with all the black on their faces. (Ninjas aren't banned here, we had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I know in the UK at one stage they were Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles I think!!)
I hope you get your art work finished in time.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I wish I could use pastels too, but they aren't my thing. (I suck at them!) I do like charcoal and usually go home from art class with black sploches all over my face.

Linda Fleming said...

Very interesting effect. I haven't ever tried pastels. But I did pick up a set of Inktense pencils today that I can't wait to try.

Sandy said...

Ohhh that technique sounds interesting, I'll be eager to see the finished product.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Interesting technique! Horses are so hard to draw but yours is coming along very nicely!

Serena said...

Lookin' good!

Maybe you would need hot-pressed watercolour paper for that particular technique as I've heard it doesn't absorb as much so would allow for a better run if that makes any sense.

I have a set of pastels but rarely use them....yet another thing for my 'to-do' list. I've heard they can be very messy to work with so that may be what's holding me back. I make a big enough mess with my acrylics and sketching materials. lol Like Sandy (Chocoholic), I do like working with charcoal though.

Jennifer Rose said...

cindy, hubby says the cartoon was called hero turtles but not the movie. very odd name change.

sandy, yeah most people in our class end up with black everywhere lol people were drawing on themselves on purpose with charcoal the other day lol (and anything else that could be found :p)

linda- the inktense pencils are great, the colours are really bright :D have fun with them!

sandy, its fun to play around with :)

norma, thank you :)

serena, thanks :) i'm going to try some hot press paper next, hopefully it works better :) soft pastels can be really messy but the colours are wonderful and if you can deal with all the dust the results seem to be worth it :)