Tuesday, January 12, 2010

365 Photos

So I've decided to try another 365. But this time I'm not going to focus on one theme, I figure if I just make it a goal to take one picture a day it might be easier to actually take 365 photos. Thats not to say that the cow wont ever make an appearance, but its not going to be another attempt at a 365 with the cow (which worked well for 100 pictures and then trying to think of an idea was starting to be a struggle).

I probably wont be putting all of the photos here, so I set up another journal here to put them on. I actually like the way that site is laid out, easy to use and lots of nice photos from other people to look at.

Really hoping that all the melting snow and ice has a chance to disappear before it freezes again or we will all be using skates to get food. And while I can skate, its been awhile. I'm sure it would at least be amusing to other people trying to watch me learn again :p (until they realize I've forgotten how to stop and I start taking people out like dominoes)


Serena said...

I hope it all melts before the next freeze too. Nice pic...I won't be able to comment over on the other site as, it appears, you have to be a member to comment but I will definitely check out your pics.

Linda Fleming said...

We have one more night of cold temps and then we're supposed to warm back up to normal.

I used to hate trying to get around on ice- walking or driving. Just too treacherous. Hope you warm up and don't get anymore ice.

Good for you doing 365 days of photos. I'm trying to do the sunset every day, but have already missed one or two since Jan.1- LOL

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Neat photo! I thought it was waves on a beach at first... Very cool!

MaryO said...

Melting is nice!! I could actually walk out to the mailbox without slipping and sliding this morning!
I admire you for making 365 photos your goal, but I don't think I'd better try that....I know I'd fail!

Sandy said...

Oh yes, hope it melts, or heats up nice instead of the snow! I would not like that at all. We had been in the 70's, but a storm came through last night and we are high 50's today.

Tweed Delights said...

Love this photo - looks great on Blip photo, which I've seen other people use. Have noticed a few folk posting their blip-photos on Twitter. It is a classy looking layout :)

28CenturyArt said...

nice photos, I think you would like ours http://28centuryart.blogspot.com/