Monday, January 04, 2010

First Monday Photo of the Week

for this year. I really have to remember to write 2010 on things now, always takes awhile to get use to the new number. Could just write MMX and confuse people :p

Posting a photo a week is continuing this year :) I didn't manage to post every Monday but enjoyed seeing people's photos that where posted.

The above photo is the view of the mountains we have looking out the living room window. Which would be better if the tree wasn't there :/

So we've had snow. Lots, well not blizzard conditions but its a lot for around here. I want to make a snowman, but theres more then an inch of ice on the ground so the chances of me falling are pretty high. If I had skates I could go skating down the road... and still fall :p

I don't know if you can see how much snow, but its about 3 or 4 inches of snow :)
Off to draw and make more rainbow sneezes :p


Linda Fleming said...

Brrr... those photos look so cold, No snow here, but it's sure unusually cold by Florida standards.

Serena said...

It looks quite cold there...snow pics always look so crisp and pretty ~

JudiA said...

Too cold for me. Lovely photos though. What a pretty part of the world you live in.

HElen said...

Looks very the blue sky in first photo, cold and beautiful

2paw said...

Oh, the snow looks so lovely. I am sure it is not always nice to live with, but I have Climate Envy!!!

BumbleVee said...

the new environmental scare.... a long cold cycle..... instead of global warming..... I must learn how to knit....

MaryO said...

I guess lots of us had snow to photograph this time of year. Yours looks beautiful. Ours was great, too, about two feet of it, but thank goodness it didn't stay with us forever as it sometimes does.

Mike Fleming said...

It may be time to take a saw to the tree blocking what appears to be a great view.

Kerry said...

Yeah we have that white stuff here too, pretty view in the top photo.

Sprite said...

What a beautiful view! I love trees so it doesn't seem to take away anything to me :) Very nice snowy pictures! Be careful out there :)

BIG Hugs,

Rhiannon Banda-Scott said...

oh my gosh jealous!! I love moutains and you have a bad ass view :) Happy 2010 my friend!!! xx

Chrissy said...

I don't know why but snow always looks by far less in a photo than there is in real life...more is forecast!
Love the mountains in the background :D

Jennifer Rose said...

Linda, I have read online its been cold there :/ defeats the purpose of moving south!

its pretty cold serena, or I've just become a wimp to cold :p

it can be pretty, especially up in the mountains judi :)

helen one plus with the snow, the sky is pretty blue :)

cindy, its not too bad to live with. at least we are not in the highlands or down south, they have had a lot of snow. almost too much for my tastes lol

vee, I found crochet easier then knitting lol we all might have to learn one or the other. hmm what happened to global warming? wish more people would remember the weather cycles

mary, 2 feet is a lot! glad it melted :)

mike, shh don't give anyone any ideas lol

kerry, its a nice view all year round too :)

sprite, i love trees but the tree seems like it was put there on purpose to block the view :/

rhiannon, happy 2010 :) wish we lived in the mountains, well maybe not right now with people getting stuck :)

chrissy, was supposed to snow here but we just got more ice :/

Grooveycrafts said...

Its like that here too, its so nice when its fresh but once it starts turning to ice it isn't fun at all and I dare not go out of it. I feel like an old lady saying it. I work in a school and parents are angry at us for the school being open :(. It definately is a shame for that tree being there as you'd get a great view all year round but when the leaves are on that tree you can't. Still I'm sure its nice to walk around there.