Monday, August 23, 2010

Rain Rain

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Rain or shine, the dog needs a walk. So much rain that the park paths were starting to flood :/ My phone actually takes nice pictures, but not so much when I am trying to keep it dry and have a dog in the other hand pulling me to go on a walk :p Most of the shots were just a blur of green and blue.

And it was actually such a nice day that Sky was being a toy hog in the park earlier :p She gets so confused if you throw both of them at the same time lol


Sherrie Y said...

I can just hear that border collie brain racing... "Throw one. No. Throw two. No. Mine. All mine. Wait. Throw it. No. Throw something else. Wait. Did that one move?"

2paw said...

Sky is like The Cat from Red Dwarf,:
"This is mine, this is mine, and all of this is mine."!!
Yes, raining here too, but we still go for a walk, even though it doesn't appear to wear Gilly out. Does a walk wear Sky out??

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

She's got a lot of personality that one!