Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The hopping midget goes for a swim

Mr F here.
So while we were heading towards Rannoch Station (its way after Queens view and Loch Tummel), we stopped at this loch side to take some photos and this video also came about (beware of incessant dripping from Mrs F about the non existent cold :P ) Also wisecracks from me about hopping midgets can be traced to this video.

Also at Loch Ness yesterday, she wimped out of taking a swim in the Loch, so today I took her to Tentsmuir beach near Leuchars in Fife, where she stripped down to her swimsuit and went for a swim (apologies to those who voted for the bikini to be worn in the video, however there was an incompatibility between the bikini top and Mrs F's uppper assets :P )

Yes I did go in for a swim with her and Sky after I put the camera down, it wasn't THAT cold (well not to me anyway) All in all she spent about 10 minutes in the water. Water lover once she is in water, its the getting her in water that is the problem :-P

So positive comments please :)


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

That was great!

Ann said...

It was making me cold just watching! Looks so beautiful there though.

2paw said...

Wow, you are so brave to swim when it is so windy!! How far out do you need to go till the water is swimming depth??? Poor Sky seemed quite confused!!
The worst part is always getting over the underarm area into the cold water I think!!
Fantastic dedication, nice to see Mr and Mrs F!!