Saturday, September 11, 2010

Scottish Words of the Week Sept 11, 2010

This weeks words:
1. bytimes
2. chirurge

Answer to the last word:
1. rummlethump is a type of dish, has cabbage in it. blagh :p

I seem to have lost my Scots dictionary, so unless I find it, there will probably be words that are more local Scots then widespread, as I will have to ask Mr.F's family for words. And his grandparents sometimes use words that Mr.F's parents don't even know the meaning of :p


2paw said...

I like cabbage, well not boiled to a soggy mass, but otherwise, yes.
I want to believe chiruge is something to do with surgeons. MrsDrWho's family are always using the indecipherable Scottish words too!!

Jennifer Rose said...

yep :) its a surgeon :)

Serena said...

I love cabbage! I hadn't heard of Rumbledethumps before but, after googling the recipe, it reminds me a little of Irish Colcannon....YUM!