Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sky's New Gift

Which she hates :p But at least people will be able to see her when we walk her at night. She just needs a hard hat now and she could be a member of the village people :p

I changed my mind about doing the painted dog in coloured pencil, just going to use plain ole graphite. The eyes still need a lot of work but the base is laid down so the eyes are not an empty creepy void lol.

I have a huge art list to work on:
1. fairy tales (2-4 pieces)
2. drawing of Sky
3. Cat drawing
4. Painted Dog
5. Sky painting
6. birthday dragons

I need another hand....and more time in the day :p


2paw said...

Y I C Sky,
She's fun to play with oh,
Y I C Sky.
She likes everything
That young dogs should enjoy,
She can hang out with all her toys!!

kaslkaos said...

Village People, now that would be too funny.
Seriously though, the vest is a great idea. I drive at night often enough, and without the reflectors, people and dogs on the road are INVISIBLE. People should know that. We have a reflective leash, and vests for the people.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Dear Sky;

You look sexy, as usual.


Hunter the dog

Jennifer Rose said...

lol cindy :D

it would be cute ingrid :) all the dogs could dress up as the different members lol I want to get a flashy collar for her next, just need to find one that doesn't fall apart right away

Sky says thank you Hunter :)