Friday, December 17, 2010

Stabs with Pencil

I would have more of this done, but my hand went dead the other day and its really hard to draw when your hand feels like a dead weight (its a really odd feeling, not exactly like when your hand falls asleep, but like it weighs 50 pounds and you can't control it properly). So progress has been slow, but I hope to get at least the basic shading done tomorrow.

I need to practice drawing with my left hand more, just in case I lose all the feeling in my right hand. It doesn't happen often, but when it does happen its a pain in the ass and is one of the only things that really pisses me off about the MS. I can live with the brain farts, the limping, hell I can even live with injections 3 times a week, but I think losing the ability to draw would really drive me insane.


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

That would be hard (losing ability with your right hand.) Your work is coming along beautifully!

Chrissy said...

It is looking great. I hope your hand improves soon, it must be a worry and I can understand why it is so frustrating.

Sandy said...

Sorry to read about your hand. I am left handed and started years ago practicing with my right hand (when I use to talk on the telephone a lot, ha)..I would doodle. anyway, I can write just as well with my right as my left.

I sure hope you get relief from that.

I love the idea that what one can imagine with their mind about their body, their central nerve system thinks is real. A lemon is a good example - sour..and all of a sudden the mouth tingles.

possibly...that might help...seeing that hand picking up a pencil and drawing with no problem.

I like the drawing.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks sandi :) it is hard, happened once so far and it was not fun :/

thanks chrissy :D

sandy, it does help, thanks :)