Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Woof Cont,

Almost done :)

Brrrrrr! It is freezing here!! -7C to -11C o.0 I think that is the coldest it has ever been in the 6 years I've been here. Yes it would get a lot colder then that in Alberta, but I have become weak about the weather now. No longer can I call myself a hardy Canada :p ( Man up, crack on and stop dripping :P >> Mr F) I really wish he would stop with the Navy lingo.

And yes the metal poles look really pretty with the ice crawling up the sides of them, but not pretty enough for someone to lick the pole. Why do people do that?


Rhiannon Nicole said...

hahaha yes it is cold up here in Canada!! Believe me! And I love the "Woof" hehe super cute! xo

2paw said...

Frau Plachter, my German teacher at school, lickd a icy bridge when she was little , in Austria, and her tongue stuck to the bridge!!!! Oh no!! Hello puppy dog sketch. The cold is making it big on the news here. WE see endless 180km traffic jams and trucks across the road and white everywhere!!!

Serena said...

The drawing is coming along beautifully! I don't mind the cold here but, the type of cold you experience there...no way! Rug up and stay warm ~ :)

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks rhiannon :) yeah dad said its pretty cold where he is, not a lot of snow tho

lol cindy! the weather is all people are talking about here, even more then usual :p lol

thank you serena :D

Leslie Hawes said...

This is sooo good!