Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy Dog

new book to read
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Finished Feed, good book :) Going to write a review and post it in a few days. I read enough, I should really review some of the books, not that everything I read is good or even remotely worth the tree that was killed to make the book. Hopefully the reviews are more then me just saying this book was crap :p

I am always looking for books to read, so if anyone has any suggestions please suggest :)

And this is one reason we think she is crazy :p


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

That video put a smile on my face!

2paw said...

I love her little woof at the end. Those blackberries are evil, evil I tell you!!! Lorelai Gilmore was playing in the same way with an acorn today. Ah, the simple things in a dog's life!!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Catnip for dogs??

I know what you mean about books. I am lousy at giving reviews - I like it or I don't. Although I am tempted to review the one I reading now.

Leslie Hawes said...

Cute video! The berry was too tart to eat, so rolling on it seems appropriate :)
Love the curled lips.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Got that book for Christmas, loved it. My husband hated it:(