Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Its Official

I'm crazy. Ok well most people knew that before, but I'm on Prozac now, so I can tell people I'm crazy and not be fibbing :p The old crazy pills were not working as well as they originally were, so a switch was needed. Time will tell how the new ones work.

As far as I know, it wasn't this drawing that made me crazy :p but maybe it did lol I see things I would change, but I am not spending any more time on it. Even with a scan and me messing with the scan, I can't get the colours right on screen. Its a tad more pink in person.

Its time to focus on something else, maybe something without so many petals :p

Mr.F mentioned that doing something like this is not worth the time for what I might get if I sold it. That to make it feasible I would have to charge a lot. I know that, but it doesn't stop me from drawing detailed things like the above. I probably should, focus more on things that take a few hours, not a few weeks. But for me personally, when I am drawing personal art, even if it will be for sale, I don't think about the time put in to it. Not very good business sense I know, but when I get into a zone with art, I stop thinking about money, time, the phone ringing, the house burning down, I am just focused on the art. Not the time it takes and what to charge when finished.Hence why Mr.F says the words artist and starving tend to be found together frequently....bad business sense.

Having said that, here is the original for sale and some prints in my Folksy shop :)


Wen Baragrey said...

Awesome, Jennifer! You did a great job :D

2paw said...

Fabulous, there's nothing like something to certify that you're, well, certifiable!!
Your drawing is gorgeous, and the cost versus time for art/craft is a constant area of discussion. I know if I charged per hour for a pair of socks they would be worth a fortune!!!
Christmas Cow!!!!

Rose Welty said...

This is lovely! Well done, it is not easy to persevere with all those petals. Hope it sells.

Screaming Feline said...

That is AMAZING. I definitely would -not- have the patients for something like that. Awesome job!

Michelle (artscapes) said...


Serena said...

Great job, Jennifer! I don't have good business sense either. Like you, I just love to paint or draw regardless of the time a particular piece may take to finish it.

Gen said...

Stay true to your artist's soul! Once you edit yourself to maximize profit, you'll lose joy and inspiration. And that is why artists need practical partners to take care of all those pesky practical issues like bills and such. Hehe! No worries, you'll find a rich collector who will make you a wealthy woman!

Shashi Nayagam said...

So beautiful!!! I think generally artists are perfectionists and you are no exception. Hence everything else goes out of the window.
But then that is why they produce beautiful work.

Jeanette said...

Its a beauty! And I envy your ability/patience to draw flowers.

As for pricing versus time spent...its always a challenge to know the right formula as its based on so many variables isn't it?

I don't think any artist gets back in terms of time spent, everything would be priced out of the reach of the world then!

Chrissy said...

I understand completely! Now I am looking at redundancy, I have decided to open up for commissions so have been keeping a track of my time ~ a bit of an eye opener. However, you can always spend ages and then make prints :-)As for crazy, it helps I think.
The flowers are beautifully done

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks wen :D

thank you cindy :D some people do charge per hour for hand made socks. they are worth the money tho!

thanks rose :D

thank you screaming feline :)

thanks michelle :)

thanks serena :)yeah for me its all about loving making art, not the time it takes :)

lol gen! I wish I could find a rich collector :p

thanks shashi :) so very true :)

jeanette, yeah i don't think that most artists get the money they should for the time spent either. sad thing is that a lot of people don't realize how long something can take to do :/

thanks chrissy :) sorry to hear about the job :/