Wednesday, April 13, 2011


 *stupid flash :/ but the colours are more true with it on :/*
I will be the first to admit that I am not a painter, I think its the unpredictability of the paint I don't like. But I do like how this turned out. Its very simple but I think it works well :)

If I could only use pallet knives when painting I think I would enjoy it more (or my fingers. but painting with oils and using your fingers is frowned on :p)


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Ohhhhh! Nice!

Serena said...

it turned out great! i didn't know that it is frowned upon to use your fingers when painting with oils. i wonder why that is?

Artoholic said...

Lots of depth in this Jennifer - looking great.

Hey, I tell my students to "get in there!" with whatever tools they feel will work, including fingers! But that's with acrylics and pastels.

With older oils, it is the dangerous minerals that is the problem - the cobalts and cadmiums, although modern oils should be safe enough. One Aussie painter I know of developed throat cancer as a result of holding the ends of his paintbrushes in his mouth.

2paw said...

Yes, why is it frowned on? I should think that creativity would be encouraged and your painting is very good!!

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

In the end, my fingers are always in the paint - hence I will not use lead white or cobalt blue. I am careful with the cadmiums! And I keep my fingers away from my face!

You got great form in your painting. With your magnificent drawing skills and a good atelier - you could be a master painter. One of the best painters I know could draw and struggled with painting. 6 months with a classically trained master and she's one of the finest painters I know.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Beautiful and I too didn't know that painting with fingers was frowned upon. Well one has to break away from the norm sometimes provided it isn't harmful to your health.

kaslkaos said...

Great; letting go of that control is a good thing. And maybe finger painting would be good to try (there's probably safe alternatives).
PS. Light overcast days are great for art photography, no glare, no flash, but yeesh, takes patience.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks sandi :)

thank you serena :)

cindy, thank you :) that does explain why one of me teachers freaked when i used oils with my fingers lol. i don't think i will ever hold a paintbrush with my mouth again o.0

cindy, the cindy above had an answer for it being frowned on. :)

thanks michelle :) i would love to have a teacher to help me all the time with painting, i would really like to for it to be as second nature as drawing with a pencil is. one day maybe :)

thanks shashi :)

ingrid, its been so sunny here that taking pictures outside is a pain, and when its not sunny its raining :/ blagh
letting go of that control was actually fun. didn't have to worry so much about all the fiddly detail :)