Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blast From the Past Part 6

So this is the last post with old art. 2 weeks ago I wasn't too fussed about all of my old drawings, but seeing how much things have changed has made me wish we had space for it all. hmmm not to mention you would have to probably hire a boat to get it all here and all of that paper is probably a huge fire risk....

I have no idea why I stopped drawing dragons like that. I really like the style of them, so will be adding some elements from that style to some dragons in the future.
I did notice going through these drawings that I had a tendency to get bored with a drawing and leave it half done. So this poor mastiff will remains ear-less :p


2paw said...

That poor pup, with only one ear!! He looks so cute regardless.
I have enjoyed your Art Retrospective.

Artoholic said...

Love the dragons! Such great beasts to imagine and draw.I always drew my dragons looking left - never right. I ued to get carried away with their scales and talons as well.

Haven't you any inclination to add that ear in after all these years?



Jennifer Rose said...

thanks cindy :)could be worse, could be missing any eye o.0

cindy (hmm i seem to read blogs from a lot of cindys lol) yeah everytime i look at that poor dog now i want to draw in his ear lol
i did notice that i did have a tendency to draw my dragons facing a certain way too :)