Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10

I didn't manage to draw yesterday. Too busy worrying about an ill dog :/ Had me really worried when she really couldn't use her back legs, but by the time we got to the vet she was walking better. The vet said its more than likely a stomach bug and the pain from her stomach was making her not want to move; so a shot of antibiotics and some for home. She now is acting like nothing was wrong, daft dog. She hates the vets. Every time she goes there she loses hours in her life and a strange man sticks a stick up her butt :p

I did manage to get a few more rows done on my quilt tho. I now know why people knit when they are worried and don't want to think to much. Using your hands takes your mind off of whats going wrong.


2paw said...

Poor Sky, she's in the wars. I am glad she is better now. I used to take Vundy every week so she could just have a pat and a treat. It seemed to work!!

Serena said...

sorry to hear sky is ill. i hope she gets over the tummy bug.

well done on your crochet. glad to see you kept at it. :)

Jennifer Rose said...

cindy, thats actually a really great idea :) teach her that the vet is a good place to go with treats :)

thanks serena :) she is acting like nothing happened, but hates her pills :/ the crochet is going to drive me insane lol

Shashi Nayagam said...

Glad to know that Sky is feeling better now.