Sunday, May 01, 2011

May 1st

may 1
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So the plan is that everyday this month, I will draw something. It doesn't have to be pretty, and can only be some circles on a page; as long as I put pencil to paper everyday. I'm not expecting to have anything thats worth showing, I just need to get in the habit of drawing more everyday.
I do try to draw everyday, but if I am going to go back to college next year (excepted for one course, haven't heard about another yet), I really do have to get back in the habit of drawing more.
At the very least I will use some supplies I normally wouldn't, and at best, I will end up with a few finished pieces to show people :)


Artoholic said...

SNAP! I've been sitting on your blog page for the last 2 hrs - got called away with family stuff, and have found you've visited me in the meantime!

Is that a kookaburra sketch? Looks like a strong kingfisher beak.

Happy sketching!



Jennifer Rose said...

yep, a kookaburra :) every since i posted some photos of them last week i have really wanted to draw one :)