Saturday, May 07, 2011

May 6&7

Blogger is being a pain for me, not working more then its been working lately :/ So this will be a short and quick post while I cross my fingers that it actually works *crosses fingers*
I have managed to draw little ACEOs for the last 2 days of May, but I have mostly been driving myself insane trying to make a blanket. As if I am not crazy enough already, for my first crochet project I am making this huge quilt. At least the pattern is simple and shouldn't take me months to do (of course now that I have said that, it will end up taking years to do :p).

I'm not too concerned about what I draw everyday looks like, it could be complete crap. The point is just to draw something, and even if its junk, show people. I sometimes get people telling me that they are more willing to post their own work online when they see that I post my good art and the bad art. I am not afraid to show the bad stuff, so why should they. Thats great, and I figure I might as well show people the stuff I don't really like, because sometimes I do get very helpful suggestions on how to fix the problems :)


Dream Talker said...

You're versatile!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Ohhh!!! Love the crocheted work!

2paw said...

I think crocheting crochets up more quickly than knitting knits up so you may be faster than you think!!

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I think it's great - the discipline and the work!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks dream :)

thank you sandi :)

cindy, it is actually going pretty fast. seem to zone out and just work automatically on the pattern :)

thanks michelle :)

Cindy Lane said...

I always love seeing the process of works from strat to finish - always more interesting than just finished pieces I think.

I once took 4 years to finsh a crochet blanket. It's just too darn hot here for most of the year to have anything woolly on your lap!

Chrissy said...

Cool, you are doing well at it :-)