Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flickr Faves June 14,2011

This weeks animal is very girly and very pink. Its the roseate spoonbill :)
Makes me want to dye my hair pink if I hadn't just tried to dye it blonde :p

For more faves, head over here :)


Erika Price said...

Pretty Pinks! Erika Price Jewelry

Cindy Lane said...

Flamboyant birdies in that brilliant pink!

I remember trying to dye my jet black hair in HIgh school. All I wanted was a bit of my fringe (bangs in the US?) blonde, so I used a mix of lemon juice and peroxide. All I got for my efforts was a fizzy orange mess. My hair was so damaged it used to snap off in my fingers!

So are you going to show us a before and after photo?

2paw said...

They are just beautiful, I love the flying one best!!

ArtMind said...

Awesome birdies - they look so feminine and pretty!
I wouldn't have the guts to dye my hair - let alone dye it pink! :)