Friday, June 10, 2011

Vlog #1


2paw said...

I am sad to gear you are having a relapse, but the picture in my mind of you at the beach doing a Pamela Anderson made me giggle!! Couldn't see your legs that closely!!
I don't think I have ever seen Sky sleeping, she's usually leaping about!!
Hope the numbness disappears soon.
I read a bit of Twilight and that was enough for me.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Sorry to hear about the relapse. I love twilight. Can't wait till the next movie in November. I guess I'm just a big kid still;-)

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks cindy :) sky is probably not as crazy as i seem to make here lol she does stop sometimes :p

sandi, thanks :) books can be so different to other people, and there is nothing wrong with being a kid still! nothing at all

Rose Welty said...

I'm also sad to hear about the relapse, but very glad to see the humor is as strong as ever!