Thursday, August 18, 2011

Creative Space August 18,2011

Decided to colour the horse with coloured pencil, but this time I am using coloured paper which makes things so much easier. Yes, it is cheating on the background, but my wrist will thank me for not having to put down all of that blue :p

I post a lot of cp work in this ugly stage, mostly so that other people that might be starting with cps see that it does look pretty bad for a bit, but after some more work, things come together. Yes, a lot of what I post doesn't get finished, but everything is a learning process :)

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Serena said...

off to a good start. my acrylic paintings have a ugly stage too which i'm usually glad to get past...all part of the process tho. :)

2paw said...

To me, it is anything but ugly, I am in awe of your ability to draw. Even your initial drawing is wonderful!!

kaslkaos said...

And heck, also to show the world that a full colour cp is equivalent of a painting, consisting of layers and layers of colour, mmmmmm...
it's lovely to watch the progressions.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks serena :) i'm really glad when i get past this stage too lol

cindy, im in awe of your knitting! I can't make my hands work properly when i try lol thanks :)

ingrid, yep lots of layers. more people need to know that most cp work is lots and lots and lots of layers, just like painting :)