Sunday, August 07, 2011

Scottish Word of the Week August 7,2011

This weeks word:
1. kittle

Answer to the last word:

 Its nothing edible Amy, you were pretty close Cindy when you guessed a small fight. A stushie is a row or uproar/protest over something :)


Sandi said...

Is it a New Zealand kettle?

2paw said...

Sandy made me laugh!!! Now I want to say chully bun!!I am very pleased to have been on the right track. Kittle though,. I have no idea. Some kind of thing you wear, a key holder?? I have no idea!! Is the boat a clue??

sue said...

Our Scots friend, Maitland, refers to a Kittle in his throat .. so I guess its like our 'tickle' ?

But I prefer Sandi's suggestion :o)