Friday, August 05, 2011

Sketch Sketch Sketch

Been sketching a lot. Mostly animals, and most right now is still lineart ready to be shaded. This horse looks so odd without the back legs shaded in to give them shape. Not sure if I will do this in CP or paint it yet, depends on how crazy I want to drive myself :p

One very confused startled puppy :p

Saying hi? Def. going to be doing this with CP. The colours are too bright not too.


kaslkaos said...

Are you tearing your hair out yet? That's plenty to work from. Interesting to give the horse a second look, and imagine it shaded and think, oh yeah, that'll be great. I'm working on line-art right now, and some realistic poses just don't work without the shading.

Chrissy said...

Nice, I don't think I sketch enough...a lovely set to be going on with :D

Teresa Mallen said...

Forget the legs, I am looking for the horse's tail...see what happens when you post sketches? LOL

Jennifer Rose said...

ingrid, yeah they just look odd without shading and colour. still have some hair left :p

thanks chrissy :)

lol teresa, i ran out of room on the paper :p or its been or the other :p

2paw said...

I love that cute and quizzical pup!!