Friday, September 23, 2011

Scrapbooking (contest)

contest closed
I could spend hours playing around with this scrapbooking software :) I've never used digital scrapbooking software before, but it is so much easier than the traditional method. Yes, you do loose the textures you might have with "normal" scrapbooking, but I really do think that being able to move the objects around and change their sizes makes up for the lack of texture.
Of course I had to use pictures of Sky to fool around with. I didn't know how to use any part of this program before I opened it, but I found it pretty easy to use. You can either use a pre-designed album or make up your own. Adding pictures was easy, you just click the box you want the photo in, find it on your computer and add it, pretty easy.
You can add all kinds of different embellishments to your pages. The software comes with a bunch of stuff already installed with it, but you can download some free kits at mymemories to add to your pages, or spend some money on a kit to get what you want. You can change the sizes of the images you use by stretching the box the image is in, and change the transparency of it as well, which is very handy. It was easy to install on my laptop, it does seem to take a bit long to load, but my laptop is 5 years old :p
Used one of the free templates for making up a calendar page for October, think this would come in handy for putting your art in every month if you didn't have a picture you wanted to use. If you have artwork for certain holidays and seasons, it might be a nice way to show it off.
I thought using a few step by step pics might work well against a coloured background, which is easy to change if it looks too busy or too plain. You can add text to the page, so if you wanted to add detailed descriptions it is easy to do. What ever fonts you have on your computer you can use. I added shadows to most of my text, it stands out more I find and it was easy enough to do.

The control panel for the program is on the right, and is easy to follow to find what you want to change. You can add your favourite embellishment to your favourites which makes it a lot easier to reuse images you will use a lot.

If you enjoy scrapbooking, or even messing around with graphics, I think you might enjoy this program. And its a plus if you don't have a lot of space for scrapbooking supplies (like me), it becomes a problem when you need an extra room (or 2 :p) for all of your stuff. There is so much more to do with this program that I probably haven't even found, but I like finding out new things when using something like this. I can see me really using it for not just photos but for art pages too. I might actually get around to making some travel pages now that I really don't have any excuses :p

Now onto the contest, if you would like the chance at winning your own copy (downloadable) please follow these directions: :) Leave an email to contact you if you do not have a blogger account.

For one entry, go to and choose your favourite layout or paper pack and post which one it is here in a comment

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I will draw the winner randomly on October 7th, so lots of time to enter :)

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2paw said...

How cute is Sky?? She's the perfect subject!!! I made a photo book with my old photographs, but your scrapbookin' looks fine. The calendar idea is good too.

Chrissy said...

Studio mini No 4 is my fave so know I haven't done any scrapbooking for ages and it is so cool when you do have a go.
Actually I am glad for the reminder, some of my best pics are well overdue for some permanence in an album :)...TY :D

AJ said...

I like the 'dotty boy' perfect for my little man! Cute dog byt the way!

Judi said...

Hints of Autumn was my favorite layout, and I liked the Autumn Calling paper pack.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

My Heritage Pack is my favourite although it would change depending on my mood I'm sure! lol

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I follow My Memories blog!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I follow your blog too!