Monday, September 05, 2011

Theme Time

We were given a sketchbook that we have to use for one of our classes, pick a theme and go with it. Easier said then done, considering I can't seem to stick with one theme. I start out with the best of intentions, but a themed sketchbook often ends up with way too much stuff, it just seems like a garbage dump for ideas. Which for me, is really what a sketchbook is. But I don't know if that is what the teachers want.

I am probably over thinking this :p So I picked horses for a theme (of course), but then I started thinking of all the other themes I could use instead; steampunk, circus, tarot, ancient egypt....the list goes on :p I guess I could use some of them with horses, combine them in some way.

And as easy as cave paintings look, not so easy to draw when you want to focus on detail :p


Chrissy said...

Sounds like fun...I would have to think long and hard about my theme...could you not choose animals? It would broaden it out a little. The only time I have ever done any themed work was on holiday ;)

2paw said...

It is a deceptively easy task, and you are right, it is difficult to interpret what the teachers want. That's all part of higher education: working out hat the teachers actually want. Horses could adapt to other theses though, Egypt, circus etc so they are a good choice!!