Friday, September 23, 2011

Theme Work

So with horses my theme for college, I need to draw a lot of horses, or more accurately the parts of the horse. Hooves, ears, eyes etc. Might seem boring to most people, but I think it helps to study each part of the animal to improve your understanding of how it moves and how things are connected.
This eye was actually blue, and yes it is simple to draw but any kind of practice helps :)
And a very cartoonish blue horse, with odd ears :p

I need to do a few paintings, and this is a sketch for one.
Needs a bit of work, but the basic idea is there. :)

I am drawing a lot at college which is good, but by the end of the day my brain is ready for a nap. Who ever thinks that drawing is easy, really should try themselves. OK, I think the actual motions of drawing are easy, its the having to think about what you are drawing that can be hard :p All the measuring and making sure the angles are right, works the head. People often think that I sit around all day playing with pencils, and OK I do sit a lot :p, but I am doing a lot of studying, it just might not always be studying in a book.


kaslkaos said...

Thanks for sharing the whine! Yep, drawing gives me headaches too, but when it works at the end, whoop! whoop! it's all worth it. Great to see how things are going with college.

2paw said...

I can well believe it is tiring to draw etc all day. I know that a PD session when I was teaching was worth two days of teaching. Using your brain and having to think all the time, properly, is hard work.
I think it is a very good process to explore all the different horsey parts and draw them The eye id great!!

Cindy Lane said...

That is my childhood and teenage years right there - drawing horses. It's all I ever did. My Art Teacher even forbade me to draw them. My text books were populated with whole herds of them, so I could never sell them at the end of the year, much to my parents grief!

Those are looking really great - lots of life and movement in the last piece. And I happen to love blue horses, should be more of 'em. Re the ears, perhaps lower the ear nearer the viewer a little.

I see Sky has a ball collection like my dog....

Cindy Lane said...

Bugger, meant to clarify that "lower the ear" thing by meaning it's height/tip, not the whole ear. Make it a wee bit shorter is what I mean. Haven't had my morning coffee yet.....

Jennifer Rose said...

yep ingrid, going good this year :)

thanks cindy :) PD=physical development?

lol cindy so did my teacher :p yeah i knew what you meant :)