Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogtober Day 10

Still working on my 15 foot wide blanket :/ but I need a break from it before I go insane :p So decided to start a new bag and I figure since its pretty much just a giant granny square, it shouldn't be too hard *crosses fingers*

I'm not a shoe gal, but I can never have too many bags :D And making one doesn't make me feel as guilty as I would feel if I bought another :p


2paw said...

Oh that' such a nice pattern and an interesting use of the Granny Square. I still can't believe your blanket is 15 feet wide!!!

Cindy Lane said...

"BEFORE you go insane"????.... Sorry, couldn't resist.

I'm with you on the bag OCD thingy. I trawl the second hand stores for some of the best satchels ever! Vintage leather A3 size, mulitple pockets and shoulder strap for $10. Amazing.

Granny squares are more addictive than crack. You will not be able to stop. They will consume you and take over the house.

It's looking awesome!

Chrissy said...

Hey, Looking great :D