Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Left Toe...

for a bigger scanner. It does nothing but get in the way, and get hit by door frames anyway :p And when I use paper bigger than A4 sized, I can never get a nice copy of it with the camera. One day a bigger scanner will be mine (no idea where it would go tho, foot stool when not in use?)

Finished these dogs, done in a very loose style, but that is what I wanted to achieve this year. Be looser and not so focused on detail in everything. Now, to focus on backgrounds :p

My foot isn't broken, yay!, but the cracking sound I heard was probably the ligaments snapping or tearing (ouch), hence why my foot hurts so much. As long as I don't do anything stupid with my foot for the next few weeks, it should be fine. But of course, I walk into the door frame today :/ hmmm might be a good idea to put foam pads on all of the corners...just to be safe :p


Macpurp said...

re toe......OUCH!!!!!
hope it heals up soon. x

loved pic. Must admit I always love your titles for your posts! lol


Serena said...

Do take care of that sounds awfully painful ~ :(

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi ,
Love the new dogs! Please be careful with your foot.
Hope you get better soon.

Ann said...

Foam slippers maybe? I hope your foot heals soon. I'd love a bigger scanner too. And a studio, big work table, easel.....
The dogs in your picture look great. Nice work!

Artoholic said...

Love the dogs. Yes "Getting Looser" (in a non-slaggy way of course) is what I strive for constantly. I tend to fail miserably though.

SNAP! With the damaged foot ligaments. Got a cortisone injection in mine today. Sucks being hobbled. Hears hpoing yours recover quickly.

My Grama's Soul said...

Found you through Norma.....always nice to meet a fellow artist.

Does sound like maybe you should wrap yourself in a foam rubber suit....though. LOL LOL LOL



2paw said...

Oh, take care of your foot, glad it is not broken. It's the Domino Principle, once you hurt something, you try to compensate and then often more hurts result.
Nice dogs!!! (Loose or otherwise!!)

kaslkaos said...

Hope you're foot is better. Ow. Solid footwear does sound like an idea.
As for a bigger scanner; do they exist? Tried to find one and couldn't.
With your camera, try for natural indirect light such as a slightly overcast day.
Great dogs! You've been so busy with art lately.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks everyone :)

teen, thanks :) i sometimes to have trouble thinking of a title, don't want really boring ones :p

thanks serena :)

thank you norma :)

lol ann foam slippers would def. be a good idea.

thanks cindy :) i find it so hard to just let things happen with art, i like having control :p

hi jo :D

yep cindy, trying not to hurt my foot again, but killing my other leg limping around :/

ingrid, you can get pretty big scanners, its just finding the space for them :/