Sunday, October 09, 2011

Scottish Word of the Week

This weeks Scottish word is guddle

Last weeks word, peenage, means to moan or complain :)


sue said...

looks as though sky is having lots of fun ..

I have no idea what Guddle means so cheated and Googled it .... you don't want to read what the Urban Dictionary definition is :-)

I now know what the 'usual' meaning is but as I cheated and looked it up I won't say anything lol

Serena said...

Am I seeing double? It looked like there was two of Sky for a minute there. lol

Yep, you certainly DON'T want to read the Urban Dictionary definition! lol I won't say either 'cos I cheated too.

Jennifer Rose said...

o.0 hmmm maybe should have googled what comes up for the word lol

sky was being chased by another collie called shasha, she just wanted to play with sky, but sky was more interested in her tennis balls lol

2paw said...

I wondered if it was trick photography. Poor Shasha, being lower on the friendship ladder than a tennis ball!!

Cindy Lane said...

My new favourite word then.

Loved your vids.

It's not Art unless you bleed.

Cindy Lane said...

And NOT the Urban dictionary def!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Sky seems to have found a new companion during his walks. Looks like his showing off a bit. Is that his lady friend?

Jennifer Rose said...

cindy, normally when they see each other downtown, they cry unless they can go play together, but give sky a ball in the park and no other dog exists :p

lol cindy! phew! glad its not the urban dictionary definition :p i really had know idea about that definition lol

shashi, she likes running away from other dogs with her ball, but she hasn't realized that there are dogs out there that are just as fast as she is lol