Friday, November 25, 2011

Just Add Water

I've been using water-soluble coloured pencils a lot. I can get detail when needed, but also a very loose watercolour effect. I think they work pretty good for life drawing, find it much easier to get values with them and work out the shapes of the body.

I had the hardest time with her shoulder here, ended up drawing it over and over again in my sketchbook but it still doesn't look right :/


Serena said...

Lovely work, Jennifer! The second one doesn't look too bad at all. The shoulder may be just a wee tad to high and angular BUT I am definitely no expert on drawing the human body. It's probably best to go with your own instincts.

Have a lovely weekend ~ :)

Mary Jane said...

Hi Jennifer. I like your sketches. Just a thought: On rare occasions, I like to draw with conte crayon sticks. If you break them into smaller lengths and use the sides of the stick you can get lovely flowing negative spaces and lines. Especially nice for life drawings on large sheets of newsprint which keeps one loose and free because they can be easily tossed if they don't turn out. Great for repeated fast sketches. Nice in brown or rust shades or black. I have not done this for a long time but you made me remember today.
Have you tried conte ?

Teresa Mallen said...

Lovely job capturing the values, yeah for the water soluble pencils! You have captured the proportions very well also. That shoulder angle does look tricky, especially from the view you had. I would blame it on where I was sitting if I were you! LOL

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks serena :) yeah i think its a little too high, and pointy :p the human form can be so damn tricky to draw sometimes :/

mary jane, i use conte a lot actually at college, just can't seem to make it work for me very well lol i have seen some really nice stuff done with it tho :D

thanks teresa :) yeah it was were i was sitting and i was too lazy to move :p

2paw said...

I have no drawing tips, my drawings all look nothing whatsoever like the thing I am drawing!! I do like watercolour pencils though. Someone as artistic as me can make something approaching OK with them!!

kaslkaos said...

Shoulder looks fine to me, actually. Sometimes it's because, technically it's different from what you saw, but since the rest of the world didn't see it, it's always about what works and what doesn't. That's why I always assess my life drawings a few days after the fact.
I love the watersolubles for life drawing. You can draw from life and then wash in the colours later.