Friday, December 16, 2011


For someone that went almost 30 years without drinking, I seem to be making up for lost time :p Not really, but I do like some of the ciders you can get here. This one is pretty good, still love the toffee apple one tho

Its not all odd drawings and alcohol here :p Pretty happy with this life drawing, yeah OK so the face could use some work, but I like how the arms look.
This was supposed to be a wolf, but it looks more like a cuddly dog :p

I have mixed media this block, so will pretty much just be making a big mess and acting like I am back in preschool :p


Cindy Lane said...

I could happily drink cider. Or beer. Had a few last night. Christmas and all that. Scrumpy id the thing my Irish friend tells me.

LOVE the sketches. That foreshortening can be a real bugger, but you've got it down pat!

Bring on the preschool stuff!

Screaming Feline said...

There is nothing wrong with playing like a preschooler every once in awhile...or more often :)
Which ever way you go with the wolf, it is still cute.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Alcohol and odd drawings would be fine with me;-)

Serena Lewis said...

I don't mind a glass of beer or cider either...'tis the season after all. ;)

Great sketches! Enjoy reverting back to your preschool years ~ :)

2paw said...

Oh I just saw that cider in the bottle shop this afternoon. I wasn't sure if it would be nice but now I know it has your recommendation I shall go back and buy some.