Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Flickr Faves

*cough cough* This weeks dog is the Old English Sheepdog :) Another dog that if you want fuzzy and fluffy, will take awhile to groom. I don't think I've seen any lately, but thankfully you can not dock their tails in this country any more. There is no reason besides cosmetic (OK, if the tail is broken, I could see then).

And *cough* I have a chest infection :/ Since Sunday I have been mostly sleeping, actually, mostly coughing :/ Couldn't have waited until the 20th when college goes on break? I have to miss a week because I can hardly go 5 minutes without coughing :/ blagh Can't even really draw since I have to stop to cough :p

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2paw said...

Oh they are very cute and look great with their tails. I am always so amazed at how right dogs look with their tails, instead of having them docked. A happy waggy tail is a joyous thing to behold!!