Thursday, January 05, 2012

grrr! roar!!

Mom took me to see the original on the big screen when it came out, and yes it was great seeing the dinos on the giant screen, but I will never forget leaving the cinema with a black eye :p When the raptor jumps out at Ellie, my mother jumped and elbowed me in the face :p
And don't worry. I wont be posting the 365 photos everyday here, because that would get boring pretty fast :p There is a little widget to the left with a link to the site I am posting the pictures on if anyone wants to look when I don't post the photo here.


2paw said...

Oh no!! It is a dangerous film then!! Those velociraptors scared the willies out of me.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

LOL! She must have felt awful!!
My first experience with Jurassic Park was the book version and I have to say one's own imagination can be far worse than the cinema - especially if you stay up late unable to put it down.... It's quiet. Too quiet!

Macpurp said...

never seen it, but hope you enjoyed it.
love Teen x

Screaming Feline said...

Am I a horrible person if I lol'ed when I read that? I loved the movie when it came out, haven't watched it again since.
I've had dinosaurs on the brain lately too...hmmm....

Cindy Lane said...

Your mum "floats like butterfly adn stings like a T rex..."

Your last photo : everyone needs a polar bear close by, and I think I think I have the same red scredriver as you?

Your latest photo : We had a standard poodle who visited our house every day (like informal doggy day care as soon as his owners left for work), and your hat looks just like him. But smaller.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

cindy, they were my fave lol :)

michelle, it was funny more then anything, seeing mom jump because she watches all kinds of horror that is a lot worse than that scene :p read the book first too, wanted to read it before i saw the movie

teen!? you have to watch it one time! :D

lol, nope feline, not a horrible person

lol cindy, if she had short arms like a t-rex, she might have missed :p the red screwdriver is actually a handle for lino cutting blades :)