Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue and Red

Can a person draw too many horses?? :p

Inktense pencils on canvas board. I had never used Inktense on board before. They work OK dry but the first wet layer really pools on the surface, but after that it is easy to add more ink to it. Does take a long time to draw, 2 hours later and this was still wet.

Creepy horse :p Not finished, but it needs to dry before I add any more ink to it. :D


Serena Lewis said...

I think the pooling of the Inktense pencils on board gives a nice effect.

Is it just me or does 'creepy horse' look like he has a little dragon in him? Cool!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lol, yeah there is a little bit of dragon there :)

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

He does. I really think he looks very cool!

kaslkaos said...

Creepy Horse could be ALOT dragon if you wish. Looks like you have some white spaces you could work into.
The three horse watercolour look like ocean wave creatures.