Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Jen is Making Revealed?

Sort of :p

So I went from this, to a big mess :D
An armature for a sculpture :D Took the treaded rod, Mr.F drilled a hole in the piece of wood and secured the rod with a few bolts. Works well for a support for one of the legs.

Rain out of the thicker wire, so had to use the thin stuff until I get some more thick stuff. Just used right now for a place holder.

And starting to bulk the form out. I plan on going over this with paper mache, then air dry clay to get the proper shapes. Remains to be seen if it will work :p

And I don't recommend having 3 colanders fall on your nose :( I think I broke it *ouch*


Serena Lewis said...

I'm going to enjoy this process. I've never made a sculpture but it really intrigues me.

Sorry about your nose. I left a comment for you over on Facebook.

2paw said...

No, I don't recommend that either. Or a dog leaping up and you bend down and whacking you on the nose either. Hope it is not broken???