Thursday, August 30, 2012


fabricsamples by fuzzydragons
fabricsamples, a photo by fuzzydragons on Flickr.
So a few weeks ago I got some fabric samples made up of some designs I did. Not sure what you would do with the pattern, skirt or a bag maybe?

I do like how they turned out, the black could be darker but that is easily enough fixed.

Some people know, I have arthritis in both sides of my jaw, hence the hyalgan injections. I have already had the right side done, its the worst, so it was done first. It was working, but for the last few weeks its been creaking and cracking more and tonight, it feels like someone has kicked me in the side of the face :/

So less then a year later, and its starting to go back to the way it was before the injections. A bit of a pain in the ass :/ Back to only being able to eat soup :p

On a happier note, 4 day weekend! yay! but I have lots of college work to do, so not really days off, at least i can sleep past 6:30 :D


kaslkaos said...

Wow, neat! Did a miss a post though? As in, how do you get fabric samples done up? Looks great.
Lots of luck with your health, and somehow, I didn't know that either. Ugh, soup, how about ice cream, jello, chocolate mousse...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

there are tons of places online that will make fabric samples, these are from spoonflower. not a lot of money and they got here pretty quick.

yep, lots of ice cream :D

Serena Lewis said...

The fabric samples look great! I could see them used for a skirt, dress or a tote bag.

So sorry about your jaw pain....if it's anything like the arthritic pain I suffer in my hands, you have my complete empathy 'cos it hurts like hell. I think my carpal tunnel is getting worse too. :( Do you plan on getting more Hyalgan injections? Do they hurt? I know cortisone injections can be very painful whilst being administered.

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks :) the injections hurt :/ but i am aure it would hurt more if my jaw wasn't numbed first (that hurts more then the actual injection). i have one more injection on monday for the left side, after that its not worth the pain of the injections

2paw said...

You poor thing with your creaky jaw and injections and only eating soup. It's swings and roundabouts really. Love your fabric, I would make a skirt, but a bag would be great too. I saw a bag pattern on the Spoonflower blog.