Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blogtober #24

An etching for college not done on a piece of plastic or metal but on....

cardboard. I found it so odd to work on and really hard to not actually scratch all the way threw the board. As long as you use the shiny side it works since the ink doesn't stick to it and just stays in the lines. Still prefer etching on plexi-glass.

The baby pigeon was picked up this morning and is being taken to a wildlife centre until he is old enough to fly and then be released :) Sky kept sniffing the hall door, she knew something was in there :p


kaslkaos said...

I would not have known that worked, or even tried it. Now I'm intrigued. I like the quality of the print (hazy?), now I want to try this. Thanks for posting. Also like the image, strong.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i do think you get a stronger image etching on plastic or metal but this is a cheap alternative to them :) thank you :)