Thursday, October 04, 2012

Blogtober #4

Quick 10 minute sketchbook work for college. The brief for this class was "Who do you think you are?", so base your work on your family history. Bit of a problem when you don't really know anything about your family history, (hence why I was going through census records a few weeks ago).

So because I consider myself Canadian, not Irish Canadian, just plain old Canadian, I thought I could use part of the history of Canada. There is a lot to Canadian history, so I decided to stick to researching about the First Nations people, their culture, art, basic history etc.

So I've started on the west coast, and plan on working my way East. I have always liked Northwest Coast art, and have been learning a lot about it and the artists that create it, its very interesting. People might get sick of me drawing totem poles all the time tho :p


Serena Lewis said...

I love reading history about Native Americans and First Nations peoples. It sounds like a very interesting project. :)

kaslkaos said...

I love the quick watercolour sketch. Autumn colours too. Totem poles are fascinating. Who could get sick of those?

Farm Fancies said...

Dropping by from Blogtoberfest. Love the colours you've used in this and totem poles are just a different sort of history book but you have to know how to read them.

2paw said...

That's a beautiful picture, I love the reflections on the water. I hope you enjoy your wander through history!!