Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Hooking We will Go....

And now to put all the squares together....

I had wanted to get a few rows done today, but I have no feeling in my right hand, and I have no idea how to crochet left handed. All the crochet work has sort of messed my hand up, little frustrating since I do have to draw this week. Should be better after I get some sleep, and if not, I have a lot of books to get caught up with. Or I could just be really lazy and watch a bunch of movies :p 


  1. ohhh nooooo take it easy. Your hand and my elbow... and the silly elbow hurts if I use the hand to needle I am useless with it now..have been for many months. I hate it. Wish they could figure out something to do for it.... 'they' being the medical profession.....but, we know how that is....

  2. And I wonder how this is going now. Will it be on your bed, will Sky get to cuddle it?