Saturday, December 08, 2012

Fish Take 2

charcoal fish by fuzzydragons
charcoal fish, a photo by fuzzydragons on Flickr.
The first attempt at this drawing didn't really work out. The fish looked good, but the vase was too long and once I saw that, it was all I could see.

This time, the vase is the right size, (I think :p).

I'm getting charcoal everywhere lol


manda said...

The fish and vase look great! Do you hate drawing feathers? I do, I can never seem to get them right, unless I'm doing cartoon versions of them. got any tips?

Sarah Crumpton said...

That's the only bad thing about charcoal: it's so messy! :p Nice work! :)

kaslkaos said...

I love this, and the style, contrast of details on some objects, and softly sketched elements.