Saturday, December 22, 2012


It is an oops, but I actually like how it turned out :) I had the plate facing the wrong way, remembered after to make sure it was right way up for the rest. I kind of wish I had of used blue ink, would have really messed with the eyes :p

The park is flooded! Over a foot of water in some places. Sky hates that much water, but there was a spaniel that did a running dive in it, looked so happy to get wet :p


delirio mistico said...

Is really nice! thanks for sharing

Sarah Crumpton said...

Nice! :) That's what is so great about art: even accidents can be beautiful!

kaslkaos said...

accidents make for interesting discoveries. That said, I put 'this way up' arrows on the back of my plates. (or 'a' b, c's on corners)